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Things I suck at: promoting myself and my content

Updated: Oct 9

A few months ago I put up a blog post all about being shameless. Now here I am months later and may I present to you..... me, an entire fraud. Yes, yours truly, has not been living up to her inspiring and empowering words to be shameless all 2018.

Granted, I haven't been blogging for years now or anything, but I still have a huge struggle with shamelessly promoting myself and my work. I'm consciously choosing to not make myself visible and the one thing that I've found to be the most common with those who continue to be successful is: consistency and visibility.

The former I know can be changed if I become more disciplined, but the latter is what has been the hardest. Can the two exist without each other? Yes, I think so. I mean, I can be as consistent as possible for x amount of time, but if no one even knows that there's new content then my consistency pretty much goes unnoticed.

Is it a matter of me still being fearful to put myself out there or is it me doubting the value of my craft?

If you're the total opposite of me then I'm sure you can neither understand where I'm coming from nor see the big deal about putting yourself out there because it probably comes easy to you. On the other hand, those that are like me... you get it, right?

Blogging and creating content for social media triggers a sort of anxiety within me because I constantly wonder how much is "enough". How often do I have to post to my site, feed or IG story to ensure that I'm making myself and my content visible? And what comes with making sure I'm fulfilling this level of enough is also making sure I'm staying true to my authentic self in the process.

Let's be real, posting and creating senseless content just for the sake of visibility and consistency is not what I'm going for. And you shouldn't either!

In my endless, yet not always successful pursuit to not only shamelessly promote myself but to also do so without feeling anxious, fearful or doubtful of the value of my craft... I'm learning to look at it from a place of growth instead of disadvantage.

While I would love to just wake up one day and not overthink the idea of promoting myself and my work, I know it won't happen like that. However, I also know that nothing will truly blossom from a place of fear and the only way to continue growing is to do the things that require me to take steps out of my comfort zone.

At my own pace, one day at a time I can say for sure that I will eventually get to a place where being shameless doesn't seem so hard. You will too! There's value you in what a write and create. If I want people to be inspired by what I do, I have to let them see the very talents and ideas that God has placed in me! How dare I keep it all to myself?

Whether you're a creative like me who struggles to promote your work or just struggle to do the things that take you out of your comfort zone in general... go at your own pace and be committed to take those steps (big or small) daily.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget... be great! xoxo.


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