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The Other Side: A positive view of the Black community

What would it be like to only see interviews spotlighting Black women and men that spark inspiration and motivation to do great things? What would it be like if the news and stories you heard about our people only spewed positivity?

It’d be like flipping the script on society’s consistently negative depictions of the Black community.

It’d be like... opening up a door to see the other side.

Kristina Spicer, a 23-year-old, Howard University graduate, and journalist with a passion for telling positive stories within the Black community did just that with her brand, The Other Side! Her mission is to allow people to see "the other side" of us that isn't always portrayed or glorified in the media.

"With The Other Side, I have complete control of only getting the positive stories out," Spicer says. "I honestly feel like it's my purpose; it hurts my heart every time I see people on large platforms criticizing the black community or depicting them in a negative light."

Kristina is a one-woman show, playing the roles of producer, director, and host as she brings to viewers positive and insightful interviews with Black creatives, artists, CEOs, and more!

"I search for people with an amazing story to tell that truly resonates with me and will be able to inspire others," she says when asked how she figures out the people she will interview.

Her desire is for people to feel motivated and inspired when they see her brand or watch an interview. And her advice to others building positive brands? Don't be afraid to reach out to anyone because you fear they will say no. Pitch yourself and your brand well, and they might just say yes!

With all of the motivation and inspiration that she delivers to others, you might be wondering how her brand has helped her personally feel inspired and see the positive over the negative in the Black community.

"My show has allowed me to connect with so many different types of people who do different things," she says. "I learn so much in a single interview, and that really inspires me!"

Looking at the other side doesn't come new to her because she has always seen the positive over the negative in the Black community.

Kristina believes that there is so much beauty and success in Black culture and would like to keep spreading that message with her brand. To her, there's an importance in knowing that despite all of the negativity that's not all of who we are!

So what's happening in the future as The Other Side grows? You'll just have to wait and see! Everyday Kristina is planning and creating new things to expand The Other Side into something huge that has the ability to touch and inspire many people.

"I will always only tell the positive stories," she says.

Please be sure to visit Kristina's Youtube channel: The Other Side and also, follow her on social media: @kristina.spicer (Instagram) and @kristinaaspicer (Twitter)!

Thanks for reading, and don't forget... be great! xoxo.

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