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One woman and her favorite color create a lifestyle brand

Take one good look at the LadynPink Instagram page and you'll surely be catapulted into an endless stream of pink, pink and more pink.

Now, think about two things that you really love most in life. You got it? Great, now combine the two and use them to create something amazing and empowering.

Milan Crump, a 22-year-old, entrepreneur in Atlanta is the founder and CEO of the lifestyle brand LadynPink and she used the two things she loved most, being a lady and the color pink, to create a brand dedicated to empowering the modern lady!

"The modern lady is women just like you and me," Crump says. "Women that want more out of life, respect themselves, love themselves and want to be the best version of themselves."

Milan knew the minute she had the idea that it was what she wanted! You may be asking: well, she combined the two things she loves most, but what made her start her brand?

"I used to work in a learning academy when I was 16," she says explaining why she started LadynPink. "Working around little kids was so motivating because they have such a carefree view of life."

She admired the kids that she worked with for how they approached things, an approach that we often lose touch with as we grow older and navigate life. Seeing the kids made her wonder where that same carefree mindset she once had went. That familiarity with what life was life as a young child is what made her just get up and go for it! She had an idea and she put herself out there.

Milan is currently a one-woman show running everything on her own. Her day to day ranges from checking direct messages, filtering through emails and finding things that inspire her to create new content! Pink content, to be exact.

She not only has a passion for being a lady and the color pink, but also for empowering other women and being a boss. Check her bio and you'll find the hashtag: #yearofthebosslady but what's a boss lady?

"A boss lady is someone who knows their worth and has a moment where they

recognize their power and their ability to make things happen for themselves and others!" she says.

A boss lady is accomplishing dreams, achieving goals and doing what she wants to do while still respecting herself and others BUT always focusing on living her best life.

When it comes to advice she would give to other women wanting to boss up and start something of their own, Milan says that the biggest thing you should know is that you don't have to feel like you have to have a business or create your own brand. If that's not for you, find something that you're passionate about... something that you're able to give your all to!

People can see what you're passionate about and they love it.

What's in store for LadynPink? Milan is definitely ready to see it go to the next level!

"What I having going on right now is nice but it's time for me to start taking those next steps, I'd like to branch out into clothing and turn LadynPink into a true pink heaven!"

Thanks for reading, and don't forget... be great! xoxo


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