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One man's contagious energy and passion will push you to look 'Through2Eyes'

Ask me where I'm from, and without hesitation, I will proudly let you know that I'm from Atlanta- born and raised! There is no question about my grandiose display of love for where I come from. We all feel this way about the cities that serve as our foundation, right?

Well, I'm here to tell you that despite the amount of love and admiration you may have for your city, it's no match for 23-year-old, Sampson Levingston. Sampson hails from Indianapolis, Indiana and there's absolutely no question about the explosive pride he has for where he comes from! With his blog, Through2Eyes, you're able to dive head first into all the things historic Indiana, but delivered in a vibrant and energetic way.

"Through2Eyes officially launched in December of 2017, originally, it was a blog that concentrated on polarizing topics in our nation and across the world," Levingston says when asked how Through2Eyes came about. However, what started out as one thing in 2017 eventually evolved into something completely different as of the beginning of 2019. Sampson changed the focus of his platform to the three things that he loves the most: himself, Indiana and history! And thus began, essentially, a rebirth of Through2Eyes.

"I travel all over the state of Indiana," he says. "I discover who I am by simply discovering where I am." Sampson writes and creates videos that highlight Indiana's rich history which lead him to reflect on what that history reveals about him.

One look at his social media pages and you can instantly feel the rush of energy that radiates from Sampson and the excitement about what he's able to do in the place that he loves the most. With a quick look at his blog, you're able to get a sense of the range of what will be shared on a platform that is dedicated to discovery: from Indiana's rich Black history to the hidden gems that are located in places you may have never heard of!

And did you catch the part about one of the the three things Sampson loves the most being himself? Yes to self-love! Listen, one of the things you'll come to find out about him is that he's ultimately his biggest fan and hype man. Some might see it as cocky or conceited, but one thing's for sure: Sampson has an unbreakable mindset about what he can do and uses it to inspire others with Through2Eyes!

"I just want to show people that they can do anything they want," he says. "I honestly believe that I'm good at everything and that's only because I'm not afraid to try." Sampson's insatiable desire to try and do more makes him home that he can inspire people to always keep trying.

I would rather try and fail, because if you don't try... you already failed!

So, what feeling might one expect to get when venturing over to Through2Eyes? In the exact words of Sampson: An unprecedented and undaunted level of energy and enthusiasm! He believes that we all should take pride in wherever we are from, noting that Indiana means everything to him and has helped shape who he is today.

"I show Indiana so much love and Indiana always shows it right back!" he says.

Though he admits that it may appear to be a little weird for a 23-year-old, Black man to run all over the state of Indiana hollering about history, he loves it and brings something different to the table. Sampson's hope is that Through2Eyes will continue to encourage people to boldly be themselves and pursue their passions.

"My blog allows people to see how I see, the inner workings of my mind are spewed out through hundreds of articles and dozens of videos, " he says. "Imagine if everyone share how they saw the world and took pride in where they are from."

Thanks for reading, and don't forget... be great! xoxo

Be sure to follow Through2Eyes on Twitter and Instagram! Twitter: @Through2Eyes and Instagram: @through2eyesgear, you can also purchase merch!


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