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How to disconnect & enjoy your summer!

It's summer time and whether you're vacationing on a tropical island, going to concerts, spending time with family, taking road trips or just simply trying to relax/unplug there are many ways that you should disconnect in order to enjoy these summer moments that will eventually become distant memories.

What do I mean when I say "disconnect"? Simple. Put your damn phone down.

Personally, I think summer is the time where the most magical memories can be created. Memories with friends, family, lovers and even strangers! BUT- we miss out on making the most out of these moments when our faces are glued to our phones, scrolling through timelines and quickly changing feeds.

I get it, we want to not only keep our highlight reels updated, but also peek into others. However, it's perfectly okay- no, necessary- to put your phone down for a few hours and take in your surroundings and experiences!

How am I going to do that, Kiah? Well, thanks for asking. I have answers so keep reading!

Make a bet!

Everyone likes a little competition, right? Wherever you are, whoever you're with- the first person to pick up their phone under a certain amount of time is the loser! The price can be cash or it can be something insane that you and everyone else comes up with. Making a bet makes it fun and guarantees everyone will get their faces out of their phones, even if it's just for an hour or two.

A poppin' playlist makes everything better.

Let's say you're going on a road trip or even just spending time with the people you took a vacation with, make a playlist specifically for the adventures you're going or will go on. Vibe out to that playlist with everyone! And I mean REALLY enjoy it, get up and dance/sing along. Just for those songs don't worry about who's texting you or who just commented on your Instagram post.

Get out and explore.

If you're in a new town, state or country then there's so much to see that you've never seen or experienced before! Instead of using your phone to record or snap pictures, use an actual camera. Whoa, a camera? Crazy, right? If you use a camera then you won't be sucked into your phone at any minute after posting a few pictures, videos or snaps. See what this new place has to offer by exploring and trying new things AND meeting new people! Immerse yourself in a culture that's not the same as yours.

Board games are an oldie but a goodie.

Pull out a board game, a deck of cards or even introduce people to a game they've never heard of. It's a simple way to disconnect and get everyone involved/having a good time! Make sure everyone is not only having fun but that they're also actually involved in the game, if everyone's not feeling it... then find something else! If everyone can find one game they enjoy and are excited to compete in then who knows how much time will pass by playing game after game and NOT picking up your phone.

I know these things sound so simple but when we're on our phones so much we often miss out on the opportunity to do these things! Sit around and talk with each other, prepare a full course meal together, make a memory book together... there's so much to do when you put your phone down and focus on the people and the moments in front of you!

There's still some summer left to enjoy with the people you love, so make the most of it and... DISCONNECT.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget... Be great! xoxo.


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