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Good morning, my loves!

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Contrary to what I believed before, I don't feel it's important to open the curtains to the stage play that is my blog with an "introduction" post telling you all about little ole me. Yes, I want you to know that I am 23-years-old and I graduated from college seven months ago. Yes, I want you to know that I aim to be: transparent, inspiring, bold, open-minded and true to myself on this blog. Yes, I want you to know that I'm completely in love with writing....

BUT- there's always a but, right?

I also want to include you. Yes, that's right, you. The person reading this right now. You will play a part in the growth of this blog.

Yes, this is my blog, my platform and my voice... However, I've learned that there are always things that are much bigger than just me. There is always a bigger purpose beyond what I can see through my narrow scope.

We may share the same stories, experiences and opinions. We also may see things incredibly different from one another, but that's the balance and beauty of it all.

This blog gives me the creative freedom to do whatever my heart desires. My ideas are endless and my goal is to be able to share, connect and interact with you by doing the things that fuel me even on the days when I feel like I have nothing left in me to keep going.

It's said that you shouldn't sit on the gifts and talents that God has given you; the very gifts and talents that God has equipped you with to fulfill His purpose for your life on this earth. I've gotten to a point where I'm aware of my God-given gifts but fall short because I don't step out and do things because of this fear of failure.

It stops here.

What gifts, talents and brilliant ideas are you sitting on? Join me on this journey and we can figure it out together!

Thanks for reading, and don't forget... Be great! xoxo.

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