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5 Ways to Be Shameless AF!

"What up beautiful people, it is your homegirl Shameless, all up in ya building!" Does that sound familiar to you? Well, if you're an avid Youtube watcher like me, then you know that's none other than Shameless Maya! And if you're not, I'll get you hip to the Queen of Shameless real quick.

Maya Washington aka Shameless Maya started her Youtube channel as a social media experiment to see what would happen if she shamelessly promoted herself for a year. She wanted to put herself out there more, let people know what she does and let people see her work! However, she was a bit scared. I mean, hey, just putting yourself out there for people to see and judge what you do is not all that easy or intriguing.

As you watch her journey through her videos you see this woman who was once shy and fearful about promoting herself blossom into an unstoppable, shameless badass who opens up to thousands of people, promotes her work, builds a brand, conquers fears and inspires us all along the way! Her mission? To inspire people to abandon fear and live out their dreams shamelessly.

Because of Maya, I have started looking at my blog as the start of my shameless journey and figured why not craft a list of ways I will (and you too!) be shameless in this new journey.

1. Be open to stepping out of your comfort zone.

I get it, your comfort zone is... comfortable. But guess what? You can't stay there! *in my M'baku voice* WE WILL NOT HAVE IT. There's nothing shameless about staying where you're most comfortable. Get excited about knowing that you're going to be doing things that might require a risk. (okay, so maybe you won't be that excited but at least be open to it) You never know what possibilities are waiting for you on the other side of your comfort zone. Ultimately, if you don't do it... God sure will push you out of your comfort zone. Trust me, he has forced ya girl into uncharted territory plenty of times.

2. Know yourself. Be yourself.

Who are you? Give yourself permission to produce work that is truest to who you are. Authenticity is key. Try as you might, but you can't be anyone but yourself! People will know when you're trying to be someone else and I'm sure they'll relate to you much more when you're being your unique self. So whatever quirks, creativity or just all out weirdness that you embody- be that person! Don't be afraid to open up. Stay true to who you are and as Maya says, "Do you boo!"

3. Fail and then keep trying.

Failure is a part of life. Let's all just take a moment to accept that, shall we? Trying new things and taking risks comes with a cost sometimes. But that doesn't mean you stop trying! It may take you one time to get something or it may take 100 times to get something. You're only a failure when you've given up. And sometimes failing at one thing may make you realize it's not for you in the first place. Great! Now you know, you tried and you can move on to something that is for you.

4. Plug yourself. Promote yourself.

Get out there and let the world know what you do and how great you are. If you never say anything, then no one will ever see what you do! Do you know how many times I've been at a gas station and a "rapper" was there passing out CDs? Listen, they were.... not that great BUT they had the confidence in their work to get out there and shamelessly promote themselves! At an event? Plug yourself, make those connections. Use social media to the best of your ability. Everyone should know what you do and that you're serious/passionate about it.

5. Trust the process.

Your process may not look like someone else's and their process may not look like yours. When things are looking bleak and you don't have quite the same level of confidence and energy you had when you first started... trust the process. Trust the path that God has placed you on. Have the boldness to say, "Hey, I literally have no idea what's going to happen next but if God brought me here I know there's more in store for me!" And don't try to rush the process either, then you get lost in the sauce. Know that whatever you're doing now is preparing you for what's next!

We're being shameless af all 2k18, you hear me?!

Thanks for reading and don't forget... Be great! xoxo.


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